Creating YouTube Content

Platzi is an online education startup backed by YC. Their main goal is to educate the next million of hispanic tech professionals.

Their offices are distributed between Bogotá, Ciudad de México and San Francisco. I had the experience of working in all of them as well as remotely from my hometown, Buenos Aires.

It has a very dynamic way of working with an horizontal organization, that makes it a special place to adapt, learn constantly and experience different roles while developing your career.

When creating YouTube content I analyze metrics and benchmarks before starting to write. I collaborate with the team’s specialists and gather their insights to write relevant content, taking the company’s voice into consideration to target specific audiences.

I created scripts and produced content for the following YouTube videos:

Script + Host






Script + Professor

This is the public class of my online worksihop: Taller: Consigue el trabajo de tus sueños 

Speaking at Conferences

I love sharing experiences and teaching new tools to improve our professional life.

Cómo dar buen feedback

PlatziConf, Ciudad de México, 2017

¿A qué estrella le apunto?

PlatziConf, Ciudad de México, 2018.