UX @ Despegar.com

In my role as Usability Analyst at Despegar.com, “Latin America's Expedia”, I learnt the challenge of communicating research insights to diverse teams of engineers, marketers and designers.

Looking for better tools to build consensus while designing efficiently, I incorporated Design Thinking and Lean UX methodologies while learning from one of the best UX teams in Latin America.


An important part of working in User Experience is communicating the importance of Usability principles.

I gave workshops on Usability, Heuristics, Design Thinking, Analytics tools and User Research techniques. As a result, diverse teams across the company care about User Experience.  


I lead research sprints reducing the time and costs of UX research.

We employed design thinking strategies to ensure collaborative design and direct diverse teams to converge to consensus.

We validated that the best way to improve a design is iterating in short cycles before jumping into hi-fidelity design.